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Daniella Rubinovitz

I like to make interactive art, where people feel invited to join in. This is a break from doing things virtually. In my process of creating larger outdoor pieces, I get inspired by fiddling around with different smaller scale materials, and combining them. As part of this experimentation lab, I have the Kidzartlabon Sunday mornings, here in my studio in Amsterdam. Last week we painted sticks and created our own little totems. This was a fun experiment in combining nature in painting. Art is an invitation for me to get inspired and reconnected with the basics.

@daniellarubinovitz @ateliermolenpad @kidzartlab

How do you SlowleeSlowlee?

We are now more than ever working, playing and meeting in a digital space. While digital connectivity is in some ways more important than ever, we all need to take time to pause to disconnect.

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