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The SlowleeSlowlee mission is to promote self-awareness through daily digital detox.

Technology is part of our lives and here to stay. It gratefully assists us in connecting digitally with the world. Many of us spend so much of our time, online that it creates an imbalance in our lives.  Let’s not forget to bring ourselves back to our center, connecting with the flow of our internal energy, which brings us fulfillment, good health and joy.

SlowleeSlowlee curates products that encourage digital-free moments - whether it's just ten minutes a day or longer. 



Sherrie Zwail Enderman founded SlowleeSlowlee, while on her own personal path of growth and awareness. Sherrie is a designer living in a fast-paced dynamic world. To achieve the balance needed in her own life, she began practicing digital detox pauses each day.  From these quiet moments she realized the importance of living SlowleeSlowlee.​

Sherrie’s experiences traveling to other cultures left a great impression on her life. SlowleeSlowlee is derived from the Swahili expression PolePole, which literally means slowly slowly.  Sherrie was one of the founders of Safe Spaces Foundation and she is dedicated to supporting the girls in Nairobi. The Kenyan culture made a great impact on her life and planted the seeds for growing a SlowleeSlowlee community.​


This is the decade of SlowleeSlowlee.

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