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How do you SlowleeSlowlee?

I was fortunate to have received as a gift, the hibi 10 minute aroma matches. I burn them daily for a minimum of 30 minutes, sit back in my Hans Wegner Papa Chair and lose myself to the sounds of music that takes me back 50 years. My memories soothe my soul, allow me to release my senses from the digital grind that I find myself getting caught in. I clear my head and allow my creative juices to go forward and produce better results for myself personally and professionally. - Norm


Nothing takes me out of my head more than swimming. Or more accurately, when I’m swimming, I’m completely focused on the rhythm of breathing, my stroke technique, and the timing involved in starting a flip turn. And when I swim in nature, I also need to stay focused on where I am and where I’m going. I’ve always loved being in the water – the fluidity of the movement just feels so good. But until I started training seriously three years ago, I never knew how complicated it was to coordinate all of the different body parts and movements involved in swimming efficiently. The hour I spend swimming is my favourite hour of the day. - Kelly


There’s always so much to do in the evening, right? Apart from household stuff, there’s always one more email, text message, episode of The Handmaids Tale, or the Instagram or Facebook rabbit hole. All on your screen of course. 

My SlowleeSlowlee is to be in bed by 10pm latest, after having cleaned my face, brushed my teeth and arranged my bag and clothes for the next morning. It’s a daily race against the clock. My trick is to go to bed on time and cut out screen time. I make sure I have a book to read (I switch between fiction, non-fiction and cookbooks) and I tell myself if I’m in bed around 10pm I get to read for a whole hour guilt free or as long as I stay awake! - Claire


We all enjoy gifts galore from the Great Spirit. One of my gifts is being a shamanic healer. I'm blessed to be a vessel which Divine Light works through. I don't spend too much time on digital spaces for that reason. My SlowleeSlowlee is about changing my environment. I might step outside for a walk to the river. I breathe in the fresh air and lay my feet on the grass.

Another passion is to listen to jazz music. I'm a tap dancer and losing myself in the dance is my SlowleeSlowlee. - Janice


Moving slowly insures the perfect melding of my intuition, talent and knowledge base.

It also permits, more space and time to create and develop new ideas. I am able to discover new areas of movement that can be utilized within my classes- to move between the moment and find new places of healing. Only when I understand the capacity and complexity of slowness, am I confident about moving quickly forward with intention and direction. I stop and discover new spaces  to connect with myself and to connect with my friends and family. I can do this by preparing a meal together play board games.  I take a deep breath and BREATHE. - Loretta


As an expat in Amsterdam, in international film, I was already working (and socializing) online in all time zones, even before covid19 hit. But Since then there has been escalated nonstop online communication: zooms well as even greater deluge of emails. 

Pre COVID I used to ‘decompress’ by watching VOD  films on my ipad or reading e-books or books, talking with friends - this now just defeats the purpose.

I now decompress by ‘’LEANING BACK’’ – watching films/tv nightly to escape, but now from a distance, on a sofa away from the screen! The guiltiest pleasure is in a bathtub (as opposed to dashing in /out of a shower), lazily surrounded by bubbles or aromatics – such as my ROCK MY BATH lavender crystals.

Nature and just being outdoors helps nurture me-  I take some long walks each week - ideally in the forest or by water-  but even getting out in the park lowers stress and lifts my spirits and energy.  - Wendy

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