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  • Light this 100% vegan candle during your next digital detox. The Oud wood scent is smoky, sultry and powerful. 


    Inside the candle is a keepsake brass plate secret message from SlowleeSlowlee. The candle comes in a beautful brushed bronze reusable container. After finishing the candle, rinse the container with hot soapy water and transform the jar into a flowerpot (mint seed paper included!), jewelry box, or storage container.


    In addition, you will also be delighted with SlowleeSlowlee’s surprise embedded into the wax. Once the candle melts down, our golden brass secret message will reveal itself to you. All you have to do is gently remove the wax residue and you will then be able to use it as a lucky charm on the enclosed key ring.


    The size of the container is 7cm diameter x 6,8cm high.


    Made in France. European vegetable wax with a pure cotton wick. Up to 50 hours of burn time. Candles do not contain phthalates or CMRs. Follow Candle Care and Safety instructions. 

    Maison Shiiba Oud Wood Candle

    € 39,00Price
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