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Claire Munro

This week I started reading The Tax Inspector by Peter Carey.

There’s always so much more to do in the evening right? Apart from household stuff, there’s also always one more email, text message, episode of The Handmaids Tale, or the Instagram or Facebook rabbit hole. All on your screen of course. 

My SlowleeSlowlee is to be in bed by 10pm latest, after having cleaned my face, brushed my teeth and arranged my bag and clothes for the next morning. It’s a daily race against the clock. 

My trick is to go to bed on time and cut out screen time? I make sure I have a book to read (I switch between fiction, non-fiction and cookbooks) and I tell myself if I’m in bed around 10pm I get to read for a whole hour guilt free or as long as I stay awake!


How do you SlowleeSlowlee?

We are now more than ever working, playing and meeting in a digital space. While digital connectivity is in some ways more important than ever, we all need to take time to pause to disconnect.

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