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Loretta Simon

Moving slowly insures the perfect melding of my intuition, talent and knowledge base.

It also permits, more space and time to create and develop new ideas. I am able to discover new areas of movement that can be utilized within my classes- to move between the moment and find new places of healing. Only when I understand the capacity and complexity of slowness, am I confident about moving quickly forward with intention and direction. For Valentine’s Day and all other days, stop and discover new spaces for to connect with yourself and to connect with your friends and family. You can do this by preparing a meal together, playing a board game or taking an online workout class together. Lastly, we all can take a deep breath and BREATHE. ️

For more information about online Pilates classes and / or Post - Covid movement classes, you can contact Loretta Simon at


How do you SlowleeSlowlee?

We are now more than ever working, playing and meeting in a digital space. While digital connectivity is in some ways more important than ever, we all need to take time to pause to disconnect.

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